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Dr. Spindel is an excellent cosmetic surgeon. I have had two cosmetic procedures with Dr. Spindel and he did an outstanding job. I have referred several friends to him and they have all been very happy with the results. I love Dr. Spindel's office staff, especially MJ! They are prompt, attentive, and the after care follow up is outstanding. I work in the medical profession and Dr. Spindel and staff get my highest recommendations, and that is not easy to do.

Jennifer Davis

Breast Augmentation

A unique combination of great attitudes, private, calm atmosphere and a truly outstanding staff assisting a very jovial and meticulous surgeon.

Dave Owens

Breast Augmentation

As a guy, I had excess fat under my nipples that made them protrude. It bothered me from late teens on. The doctor was honest and sincere about the procedure and even informing me that I didn't "need" the procedure and my case was mild, but that he understood the want to fix the issue and the only way to do that was with surgery.

The procedure went well, as well as follow up visits. All questions I had were answered professionally by either the doctor or his staff. The communication from his staff is excellent as well.

No complaints, very happy with the results, I wish I would have done this years ago.

Miles S

Breast Reduction

My 4.5 year old son tripped at school and hit his mouth on the edge of a kid’s Lego table. He received a deep laceration that traversed the border between his face and upper lip, lacerations inside his lip, and some separation of his gums from his front teeth. Cringing yet? The ER staff at St. Mary’s in Huntington evaluated my son’s injuries and called in the expert: Dr. Mike Spindel.

Dr. Mike came in after hours. His compassionate and confident bedside manner put my hurt and frightened little boy at ease, something for which I am extremely grateful. His manner put me at ease too, which was less important than my son’s frame of mind, but highly appreciated none the less. He stitched my little boy up in the O.R. He said he would come and see me in the waiting room after the surgery was done and was true to his word. There, he gave me good instructions on caring for my son as he healed and also his private cell phone number, just in case I needed it in an emergency. Dr. Spindel then called ME the following day to check up on my boy!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the laceration on my son’s face looks great. Dr. Spindel was able to match up the vermilion border on my son’s swollen little traumatized mouth perfectly. Scarring is minimal and one can hardly even tell there was an injury.

Kudos to you Dr. Mike Spindel, from one profoundly thankful father.

Lenny Mansell

I was very nervous and skeptical about this procedure. Dr. Spindel and MJ made me feel so comfortable through the whole process. I couldn't be happier with my results. I would recommend Dr. Spindel to anyone! You rock, guys! :)

Jennifer Reed

Breast Augmentation

I came to Dr. Spindel about six years ago. He was very professional and his staff was so helpful. They will answer any questions or concerns and give you the best advice on what size you should be. I went from a 32A to a 32D/34C. I have had no issues since surgery and very happy with my results. I would recommend coming to Dr. Spindel!

Rebekah Moore

Breast Augmentation

My experience was excellent. The procedure was straight forward & without incident. There were no surprises, & everything turned out perfectly. I had considered the surgery for years, but hesitated to have it out of fear. The staff, as well as Dr. Spindel were very knowledgable & helpful. I am so pleased with the results!!! No regrets & I'm almost a year out!!!

Kris Moore

Breast Augmentation

2 C-Sections had left my stomach all stretched out, with skin that sagged and just hung over my incision. It looked so bad that I didn't even want my own husband to see me naked. I was ashamed of how I looked. At 48 years old, all of my excess stomach skin made me look like I was actually pregnant. I had ZERO self-esteem, and I would wear clothes at least one size bigger, to try and camoflauge my stomach. My husband talked me into having a consultation with Dr Spindel, just to see if he could help me. Dr Spindel and MJ were both very truthful with me in regards of what to expect, what the cost would be, and how long it would take to heal. We saved the money and I had a tummy tuck exactly one year ago. I won't try to sugar-coat how I felt during the weeks following my surgery. I was in pain. Not unbearable pain, but I couldn't stand up straight or walk without help for at least 3 weeks after surgery. For the first month after surgery, I questioned myself every single day "why in the world did I do this"? But one day after about a month after surgery, I was getting dressed and caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror. My husband was in the room with me, and he says that was the exact moment that he knew everything I had been through up to that point had all been worth it. When I looked in the mirror, for the first time in about 30 years, I actually LIKED what I saw. I wasn't ashamed of myself anymore. A huge smile came over my face, and I'm still smiling one year later. I actually buy clothes that fit now, and I tuck my shirts in, rather than wearing them loose and baggy. Dr Spindel gave me back my self esteem, and boosted my confidence more than I can ever begin to express in words. Essentially, he gave me my life back. One year later, and I still like what I see when I look in the mirror. I wish I would have had the nerve to do it sooner! He, MJ, and Cara were always available for me, no matter how big or small my questions/problems were....before, during, and after my procedure. They truly care about their patients, and treat them with the utmost respect. I would recommend Dr Spindel to anyone who is considering any kind of cosmetic surgery. You will NOT be disappointed. He is the Best!!!

Kim L

Tummy Tuck

Dr Spindel is the greatest. I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary after having a tummy tuck and lipo. He is a perfectionist with his work. I went from having the ugliest abdomen and belly button to feeling confident again about myself and body. Not only is he professional but he is honest during your consultation. I have no regrets and if I elect to have plastic surgery again he will definitely be my first choice. Thanks for giving me confidence again and also thanks to his wonderful and helpful office staff!

Stacie D

Tummy Tuck

Dr. SPINDEL IS THE BEST! After too many years in the tanning beds, I have multiple basal cell carcinomas. Not only did Dr. Spindel accurately diagnose my condition and surgically remove multiple lesions with absolutely no scarring, but he has also found ways to successfully treat my condition in early stages so no surgery is necessary. HE IS A GREAT DOCTOR AND CARES ABOUT HIS PATIENTS!

Vicki Taylor

Laser Skin Procedures

Christmas 2009 I had breast implants. Only regret--not doing it sooner. Very happy with results. Dr. Spindel and staff (MJ) absolutely wonderful. They listen to you and offer professional opinion but in the end they do exactly what you want. I have had many compliments on how natural my breasts appear. They were available for any calls or concerns I had before, and after my surgery. If you are in the market for cosmetic, plastic, or reconstructive surgery, I highly recommend checking out Dr. Spindel and staff. :)


Breast Augmentation

I was looking to get breast implants in the near future. A friend of mine had done the same a few years ago and went to Dr. Spindel. He did great work on her and from what I've read, he is an amazing doctor, so naturally I would consider him first. -A.P.

A. P.

Breast Augmentation

I came to Dr. Spindel hearing nothing but great comments and had friends of the family go to him. He made sure that it was the thing I wanted to do and was honest about sizes which was very helpful. The day of the Surgery everyone made me feel very comfortable and the staff took GREAT care of me! Props to MJ his nurse. If it wasn’t for her I would have been sick and had a horrible day going back home. They were always available after the surgery for any questions and it was Christmas week which was great to have just in case of something! I would recommend to anyone to check out Dr. Spindel and his Staff! As for the looks, I have no scars and they look normal and I'm very Happy!

Breast Augmentation

Short and sweet... had a "mommy makeover" breast lift abdominoplasty. They explained everything and took the time before and after to make sure everything was OK. Would recommend Dr. Spindel and staff. Only wish I had done it sooner!

Mommy Makeover

Dr. Spindel performed my Tummy Tuck 8 days ago. I had a lot of scarring from a car accident from 20 years ago. He was informative and honest, saying he may not be able to get all of them. I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect but went in with the hopes that it couldn't look any worse. The 1st time I saw my stomach I was in shock, couldn't believe what I was seeing. The nurse said I think it looks awesome, I said, No you all, I'm gonna cry. I was so happy. It still hasn't sunk in yet that I'm looking at myself. I would recommend him to anyone without a doubt. I only wish I had went to him 1st. His nurse MJ goes above and beyond to cover any concerns you may have or questions. They let you know exactly what to expect and are very honest. Very talented surgeon. He's the 3rd plastic surgeon I've had work from since this accident and my only regret is not going to him first!

Tummy Tuck

The whole experience was positive. Very realistic explanations. I love my new breasts. Would recommend to anyone. Hint: Ask to speak with MJ first for great information.

Breasts Augmentation